Hello world!

Hello, world! We are a small software team called Lite Microsystems from Bucharest, Romania working on a puzzle game called CompliKATed. We'd like to share with you details about the game and its development, altogether with our thoughts, our ideas, our feelings.

This game started as a attic project of Liviu Marinescu, the lead developer of Lite Microsystems, who wanted to make a simple brain-breaking, but enjoyable logic game. The attic period lasted less than a month. One by one, the whole team got involved and, in between ruthless dead-lines and making a living, CompliKATed started to take shape. We've been working on the project since for 8 months.

At the moment the game is playable, all functional and decor tiles are implemented and we work on the levels. We are also caught in the Greenlight rush, the-submit-it-before-greenlight-closes-and-valve-charges-us-impossible-money. Well, not impossible for us, because we are hardworking people and we have a magical proprietary web engine, but, at least, very unpleasant.

The estimated release date is autum 2017, give or take a month and at the moment nothing seems to be in the way, so we're determined to stick with the deadline.