Vex Vaudlain's "6 Painful Challenges Of Indie Game Development"

When the sweet "lover of crazy little interesting facts", Vex Vaudlain starts to ask questions like:

"What are the biggest problems with indie game development today? What really sticks a pinecone under your arse about how it was, and how it's become?"

somehow you feel compelled to answer and let your tongue loose.
During the process one might get burned

You come to realise that her sharp tongue and keen eye are mere mind's instruments as you follow her decision process, written out loud:

"...the direction of the article would really depend on what kind of message needs to be put out there. I can approach it from an angle which talks about your biggest challenges to get from point A (the idea) to point B (the finished game, and it actually getting a shot at success). Which one...?..."

As you advance on the topic, together with your team mates spirits warm up and it becomes harder and harder to get a hold of your horses. Game making is a painfull process in a harsh world, but as you get caught up in the daily rush, you tend to forget (or to ignore) how it feels.

So, CompliKATed team piled up a bagfull of pinecones and Vex nailed the"6 Painful Challenges Of Indie Game Development".

Later edit: if you want to find out what other facts did the tiny elves dug up check out